Inspired while listening to: N*E*R*D – “Run To The Sun”

I write this entry as I sit here at the Renoir hotel lobby in the heart of San Francisco. The day has been very interesting. Again the Riottt crew did not sleep at all so it is fitting that I show pictures from last night. Sky and I are on crack liquids 24/7. The Riottt concert tees were designed last week and we picked them up today. It’s the first in-house tangible item we made so it’s exciting for us to see how everyone will react.

We headed to the Bill Graham Civic Center in the noon. Everyone please meet Louis of Flavor Group, Louis is in charge of the environment. He is one of the best out there. Oh yes and that’s Trent, star programmer of Riottt.


German Socks

Inspired while listening to: Surferosa – “German Socks”

It is a frightening world when you realize it’s much too late to sleep, and later as the evening progresses, it’s much too early to sleep…so what does one do? One works and slaves ones body until he feels no emotion, no pain, and no need to sleep. The Riottt crew are all in zombie mode…we got some aces up our sleeves on the next facelift edition of, shit is gonna be nice. We put a lot of thought into the end user base, all that. Learning technical jargon and the latest technologies around 4 in the morning amidst several boardroom meetings is the absolute norm in this town.



Inspired while listening to: Stars – “Write What You Know”

Pure Delirium. Those are the best words to describe what it’s been like the last few days. The entire RIOTTT crew have been busy working crazy odd hours with the BE THE RIOTTT festival preparations. Sky (Riottt/Cartel Goods/LTD) flew in from New York yesterday, and joined in the crazy foray of writing, programming, and design.

Word is spreading fast about the upcoming concert and tons of friends are flying into town to take in the concert, for those in the know I shall see you there, for those who haven’t purchased your tickets yet, I highly recommend you guys to do so, it’s going to be an insane concert!

Cop it here –

Tell Mama

Inspired while listening to: Etta James – “Tell Mama”

It has been almost a month since I’ve been living the hotel life. It’s a rather miserable experience consisting of eating fast food, watching HBO, and washing your head with a peculiar shampoo/conditioner concoction packaged in a taped vial. Working away from home for long periods of time puts your mind state in a warped condition. Earlier in the week, Ali and Gabriella of Mama, invited for dinner and I very much looked forward to it. Before evening hit, I gave a call to Ken (Riottt) and he took me to a warehouse winery where there was a grand selection of aged wines.

Some of the prices were very expensive. I settled on a nice 1995 Pomerol from Ch?teau La Conseillante. I heard the 2003 was equally good but 1995 was a very good year for Pomerol.



Inspired while listening to: Erykah Badu – “Don’t You Say No”

One week is now left until the big day of our Official Launch Party for RIOTTT – BE THE RIOTTT. Tickets are selling fast but I’d encourage you to get them now while you got some time. We’re expecting this last week to be the most intense week. It rained yesterday which was a good thing.

I always find it easier to channel my creative energy when it pours. Oh yes, for lunch, I came across this awesome comic book store where the owner gave me a breakdown of Star Wars light sabers, I wish I took photos of them but I didn’t bring my camera. Anyhow I was able to find some old issues of the original Eastman and Laird’s Teenage

Mutant Ninja Turtles. Back in the days when I was in Jr. High, I was obsessed with TMNT but it wasn’t the Archie comic version, I really liked the original dark violent versions. I used to collect all the graphic novels until one day
my parents convinced my Bible study teacher at the time to tell me to throw them all away. I had my hands tied…what could I do?

I’m older now, so I’m resorting back to my childish delights. And look Mom, I’m a normal healthy human being…well kinda.


Yes maybe you’ve watched the 30 second trailer but now you can watch the entire recorded version split into 2 segments. Riottt was tapped by
Alife to film the Alife Sessions with a professional camera crew positioning four different cameras that filmed and recorded with dedicated sound.
You might have seen some digital camera clips on youtube or around the net but those do not do the event any justice. The filming of the Alife
Sessions is brought to you by RIOTTT and is OFFICIALLY ENDORSED BY ALIFE.

In order to watch Pt.1 of this segment, you must either log in or sign-up to view the content. We’ve been working tirelessly to deliver this special
event and we have a lot more planned as well…

If you haven’t already joined Riottt, this is a special link just for you – REGISTER NOW

On July 22nd 2006, John Mayer and Just Blaze met at Alife Rivington Club’s private courtyard to perform a genre-spanning jam session for a
hand-picked, invite-only audience.

Prior to linking up on stage, the heavy-hitting musical mavens had never met or spoken. What transpired after Blaze dropped his first beat and
John strummed his first notes was nothing short of spectacular. Click the link below to obtain access to episode number one of an exclusive two-
part video series from The Alife Sessions: John Mayer and Just Blaze, presented by Alife and