Why A Multi-Day House Move Can Be Easier

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Why A Multi-Day House Move Can Be Easier

It might be the perceived convention amongst homeowners that if they are moving to a new home that it should all be done on a single day, but if you ask your removalist company at, they will happily tell you it can, and often should, be done over several days. In fact, a multi-day house move is something which comes with many benefits, that could make the concept of a single day move, less appealing the more you think about it.

We mentioned several benefits, so let us take a look at each one of them in turn.

Greater Efficiency

On a practical level moving from one home to another on a single day is often a rushed affair and that can lead to extreme levels of stress for you and your family. With a move that is not as rushed there is less chance of items being broken, not so much whilst the removalists are doing their thing, but when you are unpacking at the other end.

Also, there is less chance of you forgetting anything both in terms of your personal belongings but with regards to utilities or calls you need to make associated with moving to your new address.

You Have A Chance To Rest

Moving house is an exhausting experience, even if it is your removalists who are doing all the heavy lifting. The tiredness we mention is as much mental tiredness as it may be physical, so splitting the move over more than one day allows you the opportunity to rest properly in between the days of the move.

Allowing your energy levels to recover properly means that you will feel better physically, but more importantly, mentally you be more alert too, meaning there is less chance of you forgetting anything.



Choosing The Most Cost-Efficient Time To Move House

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Choosing The Most Cost-Efficient Time To Move House

Whenever you are contemplating a house move there are a large number of decisions that you need to make. Obviously, one of them is going to be what house you are going to move to, which is the exciting one, as well as more practical decisions such as choosing the best interstate removalists to help you plan, prepare,  and execute your house move.

There are lots of choices to make, and ideally, those choices should be made with a view to making your house move an easier exercise rather than a more difficult one. One choice which is often overlooked, possibly because some house moves are governed by certain circumstances, is the timing of it.

Before we look at these in more detail we accept that the timing of your house move might be set due to scenarios relating to when the people moving out of your new home can do so, limits on when you and your partner can get time off work, and even delays due to waiting until a bank approves your mortgage.

For all of these reasons and any other that minimises any flexibility you have with regards to timing, all we would say is that once you read through some of our tips with regards to the optimum times to move house, you might not be able to arrange for all of them to be the case. If so, at least try to have one of them apply, which will still help.



5 Team Building Activities Guaranteed To Be Fun

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5 Team Building Activities Guaranteed To Be Fun

If you read or study any advice or information about team building activities you are likely to discover that they point to desirable outcomes, such as better communication within your team, a greater level of trust between them, and the goal of everyone within the team feeling valued.

Any team building activity which can achieve these is valuable, but in order to get there, the activity has to be based upon certain principles and contain certain essential elements. One which is often overlooked by team leaders organising their own team building activities, is fun.

Regardless of its settings, its purpose, and the team it is meant to build, unless a team building activity is enjoyable for those taking part, the outcome will be diminished compared to one which is fun for all. Think of this…as children, we learned more when we were enjoying an activity, and that stays with us into adulthood, therefore teaching a team to trust and work for each other is more achievable when fun is involved.

So, if we want our team building activities to be fun, let us look at some which are proven to get results for team leaders and their teams.

The Marshmallow Tree

Split your group into teams and supply them with a roll of sticky tape, 3 feet of string, 20 sticks of spaghetti, plus one marshmallow. Put 20 minutes on the clock and tell them each team has until the clock reaches zero to create the tallest possible tree, which must have the marshmallow on top when it is complete.

Axe Throwing

This is fast becoming a hugely popular pastime, and in fact is now a competitive sport. Take your team to an axe throwing centre where they can compete, and obviously have fun as they throw axes at targets with a view to securing the highest score.

You could make it a team competition to add an extra level of competitiveness to the day. This is also a great way for the team to mix socially as many axe throwing centres offer food and drink.

White Water Rafting

For a team who are happy to leave their normal surroundings behind, and do not mind getting wet, white water rafting is an activity which everyone should enjoy. The shared experience as everyone tries their best to stay afloat is a great bonding exercise, and of course, it is fun too.

Truth or Lies

This is a great game where you prepare a large list of themes and subjects that everyone should be able to relate to and also tell a story about. The game is played with everyone sitting in a circle and each person telling either a true story or one they make up based on the theme they are given. The rest of the team have to decide whether they are telling the truth or not by asking the storyteller one question each.

One of the benefits of this activity is that it helps to bring down some barriers as the team learns more about each other, and often some remarkable and noteworthy facts about each other too.

Escape Room

The clue is in the name whereby your team is locked in a room and have to work together in order to solve clues, puzzles and challenges which will enable them to escape from the room. Lots of fun, and critically, your team has no option but to work together and communicate in order to escape.


How to Really Enjoy Your Party

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Enjoy Your Party

Anyone who has thrown a party will know that it takes a lot of work to organise. But when the party is in progress, the work still goes on, at least for the host. The host is responsible for making sure everyone is having fun and the drinks and food don’t run out. If you want to enjoy your party more, professional dj hire is a good way to do it. A good DJ will actually run the party for you.

Of course, he won’t be responsible for the drinks, but he will take control of the crowd and get them up on the floor, dancing to the music he plays. If he is experienced and good at his job, he’ll be able to ensure everything goes off smoothly as far as speeches and other things go. He can help control the mood of the partygoers by what he says and by the music he plays.

The host won’t have to worry about whether everyone is having fun, because the DJ will see to it that they are.  This takes a lot of the responsibility off your shoulders and you can begin to enjoy the party too, instead of just seeing that everyone else does. It will give you time to relax and chat to your guests. When hiring, it’s a good idea to ask your friends who they used and if they were happy with them.



Buying Wine – Online vs. Locally

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Buying Wine

How do you buy wine? Anyone who likes wine usually has a bottle or three in the house at any given time. This way they can have a glass whenever they feel like it, with meals or on its own; as a celebration or when they have guests over. Keeping a variety on hand saves that last minute rush to the shops to get something suitable for your occasion or for the meal you’ve created; have you tried pairing Wine and Curry?

There are pros and cons to buying online and locally.

Buying locally


  • Many people source their wine from the bottle shop nearest them for convenience, especially when it is part of their favourite supermarket chain.
  • You can make friends with the sales attendant and they will be likely to tell you when sales are due, or recommend their best wines.
  • You can wander around the shop and learn a lot by looking at the labels.
  • A lot of people like the personal attention of the attendant to help them purchase the right wine.


  • It takes extra time to talk to the attendant and they might be busy just when you’re in a hurry.
  • If you purchase a lot at one time, it is heavy to carry out to the car – and into the house.
  • Bottles are likely to break on the way home.
  • The local store may run out of your favourites.
  • They may not have what you want, especially if it’s from another country.



Inspired while listening to: Esthero – “Country Livin’ (The World I Know)”

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Getting work done inside an office complex is difficult, particularly when you have to think creatively. Stimulants such as coffee and chocolate
certainly can play into your work, but even then you find yourself stuck. I had a big breakfast which enabled me to focus on the day ahead. I’m
set to re-design and re-skin the RIOTTT site once more. I always found the carpeting to amuse me as I walk into our office, how great would it
be to create this pattern into a textile and implement it for some Riottt soft goods…ha! It will be a joke I can secretly enjoy. Oh yes, Kangol
sent over a box of hats in various styles and fits…much more to disclose later as “something” develops…