Buying Wine – Online vs. Locally

Buying Wine

How do you buy wine? Anyone who likes wine usually has a bottle or three in the house at any given time. This way they can have a glass whenever they feel like it, with meals or on its own; as a celebration or when they have guests over. Keeping a variety on hand saves that last minute rush to the shops to get something suitable for your occasion or for the meal you’ve created; have you tried pairing Wine and Curry?

There are pros and cons to buying online and locally.

Buying locally


  • Many people source their wine from the bottle shop nearest them for convenience, especially when it is part of their favourite supermarket chain.
  • You can make friends with the sales attendant and they will be likely to tell you when sales are due, or recommend their best wines.
  • You can wander around the shop and learn a lot by looking at the labels.
  • A lot of people like the personal attention of the attendant to help them purchase the right wine.


  • It takes extra time to talk to the attendant and they might be busy just when you’re in a hurry.
  • If you purchase a lot at one time, it is heavy to carry out to the car – and into the house.
  • Bottles are likely to break on the way home.
  • The local store may run out of your favourites.
  • They may not have what you want, especially if it’s from another country.

Buying Online


  • Buying wine online is easy with many sellers available.
  • It can be done even when the shops are shut and you are in your PJs.
  • Some online sellers ask you to fill in a form detailing your tastes and preferences, then they send what they think you will like. This can be a good way to experience different wines, especially if you are a newbie to the wine world.
  • You can usually get a good range of nice wines through such companies; perhaps more than the local liquor store may stock.


  • You usually have to pay freight to add to the cost of the wine – that said, you do save on the cost per bottle when you choose their deals.
  • You may not be home when it is delivered.
  • Most online wine sellers only sell in bulk. Bulk quantities may not suit you, especially if you decide the taste is not what you like.
  • Bulk wine crates are heavy to lift. However, you can open it where it is and take the bottles inside a few at a time.

These days many people choose to shop online because it saves the hassle of driving and shopping in the crowded conditions most cities experience. And for those in the country it saves them driving for hours to reach their nearest shopping centre.