Why A Multi-Day House Move Can Be Easier

Why A Multi-Day House Move Can Be Easier

It might be the perceived convention amongst homeowners that if they are moving to a new home that it should all be done on a single day, but if you ask your home movers, they will happily tell you it can, and often should, be done over several days. In fact, a multi-day house move is something which comes with many benefits, that could make the concept of a single day move, less appealing the more you think about it.

We mentioned several benefits, so let us take a look at each one of them in turn.

Greater Efficiency

On a practical level moving from one home to another on a single day is often a rushed affair and that can lead to extreme levels of stress for you and your family. With a move that is not as rushed there is less chance of items being broken, not so much whilst the removalists are doing their thing, but when you are unpacking at the other end.

Also, there is less chance of you forgetting anything both in terms of your personal belongings but with regards to utilities or calls you need to make associated with moving to your new address.

You Have A Chance To Rest

Moving house is an exhausting experience, even if it is your removalists who are doing all the heavy lifting. The tiredness we mention is as much mental tiredness as it may be physical, so splitting the move over more than one day allows you the opportunity to rest properly in between the days of the move.

Allowing your energy levels to recover properly means that you will feel better physically, but more importantly, mentally you be more alert too, meaning there is less chance of you forgetting anything.

Ideal for Larger Home Moves

Obviously, the more furniture, appliances, clothing, and other items such as toys or sports equipment that needs to be moved from one house to another, the more work that is involved in terms of packing, moving, and unpacking. This will be particularly so for larger households, or larger families where the amount being moved will be even greater.

Rather than trying to move it all on the same day, it makes sense to split it over two or more days so that you can properly organise everything, unpacking is not rushed, and there is less chance of breakages.

It Is Better for Children

It is often hard to know what is going through the young mind of a child, but if you are feeling stressed on the day of a house move, the chances are they are also feeling nervous and even a little bit scared, especially if everything is being rushed.

A much better way to help them deal with a move to a new home is to let them used to it gradually over multiple days, not least as they see that their parents are less stressed too.

You Can Take Time To Appreciate Your Old Home

This might not be for everyone, especially if you cannot wait to leave, but for those who are somewhat sad to be moving, a multi-day move will give you some time to stop and appreciate your old home, and to recall some of the memories that were made there, before you close the door behind you for the very last time.