Choosing The Most Cost-Efficient Time To Move House

Choosing The Most Cost-Efficient Time To Move House

Whenever you are contemplating a house move there are a large number of decisions that you need to make. Obviously, one of them is going to be what house you are going to move to, which is the exciting one, as well as more practical decisions such as choosing the best interstate removalists to help you plan, prepare,  and execute your house move.

There are lots of choices to make, and ideally, those choices should be made with a view to making your house move an easier exercise rather than a more difficult one. One choice which is often overlooked, possibly because some house moves are governed by certain circumstances, is the timing of it.

Before we look at these in more detail we accept that the timing of your house move might be set due to scenarios relating to when the people moving out of your new home can do so, limits on when you and your partner can get time off work, and even delays due to waiting until a bank approves your mortgage.

For all of these reasons and any other that minimises any flexibility you have with regards to timing, all we would say is that once you read through some of our tips with regards to the optimum times to move house, you might not be able to arrange for all of them to be the case. If so, at least try to have one of them apply, which will still help.

Let us consider some matters relating to timing, with the first being what time of the year to move. Now, obviously, we cannot know what part of the country or even the world you are in, so we appreciate that not every point we make about weather and climate will apply.

In winter, we tend to have shorter days, there is more chance of rain, and for those places where the temperature drops considerably, there could even be freezing conditions. All of these point to winter not being the ideal time to arrange a house move for, and you would be right to a degree, but there is a silver lining.

For the most part, you will tend to find that as there is less demand to move house in winter, the rates for many removalists are lower than at other times of the year. So, if you do not mind moving on colder and darker days, you might find it cheaper to do so.

After winter we move on to spring, and as the days get longer, it should be warmer, and as there tends to be less demand during October and November should you find that removalists have space in their schedule if you wish to book them, and although rates might be higher than in winter.

At the top end of the scale in terms of the weather, there is December Obviously, it is brighter and warmer,  children are off school, and many people want to be in a new home before the Christmas and New Year period. Removalist rates may be at their highest, and availability is usually at its lowest, as this is the period of the highest demand.

As for the best day of the week to move house, weekends are obviously the most convenient as people tend to be off work, but it is also the most expensive. Next we have Mondays and Fridays, given their proximity to the weekend. However, if you want the most affordable days, they will likely be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.