5 Reasons Your Cat Might Need A Portable Cat Enclosure

5 Reasons Your Cat Might Need A Portable Cat Enclosure

Cats are instinctively curious animals and as happy in their own company as they sit on their owner’s lap. Just like humans, there will be times when your cat genuinely needs a space of their own, and one of the best options to provide them with is a portable cat enclosure.

Sometimes, your cat needs to be in their cat enclosure, not because they have decided to wander into it but because you choose to place it there. This choice might be based on what is best for the cat, and there will be times when it is for your benefit.

You can think of many times when you wish your cat would ‘go away’. Please do not feel guilty, as every pet owner has said, when their beloved dog or cat somehow acts up. The key is providing them with the means to go somewhere safe, as in a  portable cat enclosure.

Portable cat enclosures come in various types, sizes, materials, and configurations, and you will also find some pet enclosure suppliers who will create a bespoke one to match the space you have available. So, what are some of the reasons that you might be glad that you went out and purchased a portable cat enclosure and some scenarios when it will be in the cat’s best interests to be in there?


We hope your cat does not suffer any injury or get ill, but it is possible. If it does happen, they would be better off being alone rather than trying to recover in a house with multiple disturbances, children running around, and even another pet. In their cat enclosure, they can rest, recover, and be kept calm, especially if recovering from a broken bone or surgery.

Expectant Mums

If your cat is female and pregnant, for similar reasons to a cat trying to recover in a manic household, feeling secure and having the privacy that her cat enclosure provides will help her before, during, and after the birth. The section will also prove a perfectly safe environment for her newborn kittens.

Another Pet

The new addition of a different kind is when you add another cat to the family, and  Its introduction might go smoother if it is first placed in the cat enclosure. They can get used to sounds and scents around them, allowing you to observe how your original cat reacts to them, first from outside the square and then gradually inside.

When You Have Visitors Or A Party

Whilst one or two visitors might not be upsetting for your cat, if lots of them turn up, or if you plan to have a party with several guests, your cat will most likely feel safer and less stressed if it were out of harm’s way and away from all the noise. Their cat enclosure is the ideal sanctuary where they can relax or sleep while you and your guests party the night away.


With the word ‘portable’ a bit of a giveaway, the prominent place for your cat to be if you take it with you anywhere in its portable cat enclosure. Whether for a vacation or a quick trip to the vet, your cat will be safe inside and not be tempted to disturb you while driving.