Inspired while listening to: N*E*R*D – “Run To The Sun”

I write this entry as I sit here at the Renoir hotel lobby in the heart of San Francisco. The day has been very interesting. Again the Riottt crew did not sleep at all so it is fitting that I show pictures from last night. Sky and I are on crack liquids 24/7. The Riottt concert tees were designed last week and we picked them up today. It’s the first in-house tangible item we made so it’s exciting for us to see how everyone will react.

We headed to the Bill Graham Civic Center in the noon. Everyone please meet Louis of Flavor Group, Louis is in charge of the environment. He is one of the best out there. Oh yes and that’s Trent, star programmer of Riottt.

The rest of the Riottt crew swung through and we coordinated the setup. This Civic Center is fucking huge! This is how Riottt do!

Evening approached sooner than we thought. Kevin, Sky, and I walked over to Sutter to visit Mega at Huf. Mega is the homie, he was so helpful in getting the word out about the BE THE RIOTTT Music Festival.

I never visited HUF before so I was amped to check it out. Sure enough they had a very impressive inventory of lines ranging from their own cut-n-sew HUF items, as well as Stussy and Maiden Noir.

Later Kevin and I met up with Peter Graham. We grabbed some dinner and had a deep discussion in regards to the role and responsibility that writers and photographers had in acting as arbiters of culture.

After dinner, we rolled through to Union Square and went to a live performance improv spot. We were wondering where the place was, but having these two dudes doing the rave bit led us the way.

Inside the venue, we took in the improv show. Sky and I had our respective shots of Scotch and Jameson. The night sure felt warm then. The more I walk around San Francisco, I am falling in love with this city. Ok that about sums up the day. Finally tomorrow is when RIOTTT will launch our Official presence. Wish us luck! And for those who will be at the concert tomorrow, I look forward to seeing you there!