Inspired while listening to: Etta James – “Tell Mama”

Tell Mama

It has been almost a month since I’ve been living the hotel life. It’s a rather miserable experience consisting of eating fast food, watching HBO, and washing your head with a peculiar shampoo/conditioner concoction packaged in a taped vial. Working away from home for long periods of time puts your mind state in a warped condition. Earlier in the week, Ali and Gabriella of Mama, invited for dinner and I very much looked forward to it. Before evening hit, I gave a call to Ken (Riottt) and he took me to a warehouse winery where there was a grand selection of aged wines.

Some of the prices were very expensive. I settled on a nice 1995 Pomerol from Ch?teau La Conseillante. I heard the 2003 was equally good but 1995 was a very good year for Pomerol.

Later in the evening Ali was kind enough to drive from San Francisco to Mountain View (an hour’s drive), take me into their home and share a lovely evening filled with Van Halen soundtracks and intense laugher while we enjoyed a delicious 5 course meal cooked by Gabriella herself.

Besides having a great meal, we shared some real interesting dialogue about the state of life itself. Both Ali and Gabriella are very intelligent and educated people and it is a relief mind you, to share real talk. Please take a read of Mama’s blog, Ali recounts the latest waves of violence that has swept San Francisco.

With serious talks aside, Ali was kind enough to show me some details on the upcoming Mama x New Era hats. They really put some extra care in details with these hats. I wish the best for this dynamic duo, please support the genuine designers out there!