Yes maybe you’ve watched the 30 second trailer but now you can watch the entire recorded version split into 2 segments. Riottt was tapped by
Alife to film the Alife Sessions with a professional camera crew positioning four different cameras that filmed and recorded with dedicated sound.
You might have seen some digital camera clips on youtube or around the net but those do not do the event any justice. The filming of the Alife
Sessions is brought to you by RIOTTT and is OFFICIALLY ENDORSED BY ALIFE.

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On July 22nd 2006, John Mayer and Just Blaze met at Alife Rivington Club’s private courtyard to perform a genre-spanning jam session for a
hand-picked, invite-only audience.

Prior to linking up on stage, the heavy-hitting musical mavens had never met or spoken. What transpired after Blaze dropped his first beat and
John strummed his first notes was nothing short of spectacular. Click the link below to obtain access to episode number one of an exclusive two-
part video series from The Alife Sessions: John Mayer and Just Blaze, presented by Alife and