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Yes I am sure you’re all aware of Karmaloop, it’s been one of those online destinations for quite a while. Recently Karmaloop has introduced a new concept online store called the Kaxbah, a consortium of selected brands which maintain and follow through their online orders themselves.

What results within the inventory are a springboard of all sorts of new companies being able to showcase and sale their goods. Notables such as To Die For shirts and Buff Monster artwork are readily accessible. Kudos to Karmaloop for thinking ahead of the curve and allowing independents an arena to grow their individual companies. Take a peep and check it out for yourselves!


Inspired while listening to: Esthero – “Country Livin’ (The World I Know)”

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Getting work done inside an office complex is difficult, particularly when you have to think creatively. Stimulants such as coffee and chocolate
certainly can play into your work, but even then you find yourself stuck. I had a big breakfast which enabled me to focus on the day ahead. I’m
set to re-design and re-skin the RIOTTT site once more. I always found the carpeting to amuse me as I walk into our office, how great would it
be to create this pattern into a textile and implement it for some Riottt soft goods…ha! It will be a joke I can secretly enjoy. Oh yes, Kangol
sent over a box of hats in various styles and fits…much more to disclose later as “something” develops…



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Federico showed me these latest gems. I’ve been using my Supreme laptop bag for a year now but now these bags got me thinkin…

Slip ideas inside, no matter how big they are, and let them ride in exquisite full grain leather, carefully selected for its quality, beauty and
durability amongst the best Argentinian hides. The Vaja Messenger Bag is handcrafted to subtleness using time-honored Old World traditions
of the most skilled leather artisans. Thoughtfully designed to truly and uniquely fit your own needs, each bag offers optional features such as
text or graphic personalization, on-board detachable gadget pocket, handy key metal hook, external Rivet tab, and lightweight padded
notebook jacket.

Available in three models – 15″, 15″ wide and slim – and a vast number of combinations.



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Yes maybe you’ve watched the 30 second trailer but now you can watch the entire recorded version split into 2 segments. Riottt was tapped by
Alife to film the Alife Sessions with a professional camera crew positioning four different cameras that filmed and recorded with dedicated sound.
You might have seen some digital camera clips on youtube or around the net but those do not do the event any justice. The filming of the Alife
Sessions is brought to you by RIOTTT and is OFFICIALLY ENDORSED BY ALIFE.

In order to watch Pt.1 of this segment, you must either log in or sign-up to view the content. We’ve been working tirelessly to deliver this special
event and we have a lot more planned as well…

If you haven’t already joined Riottt, this is a special link just for you – REGISTER NOW

On July 22nd 2006, John Mayer and Just Blaze met at Alife Rivington Club’s private courtyard to perform a genre-spanning jam session for a
hand-picked, invite-only audience.

Prior to linking up on stage, the heavy-hitting musical mavens had never met or spoken. What transpired after Blaze dropped his first beat and
John strummed his first notes was nothing short of spectacular. Click the link below to obtain access to episode number one of an exclusive two-
part video series from The Alife Sessions: John Mayer and Just Blaze, presented by Alife and



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Is it just me or is Creative Recreation on fire these days. Rumor is Cr8 is ranked number three best selling shoes at Nordstroms following Cole
Haan and Prada. It’s refreshing to see these guys deserve all the hard work they put into it. While I was working at Hudson Jeans the past year,
I struck a conversation with Robert and Rich about bringing together the world of premium denim and luxury leisure footwear. Naturally our talks
developed into creating a unique product. We chose the Fidel model because it was the perfect shoe to base off denim fabric. For this shoe we
utilized white patent in the front with premium leather, actual Hudson Jeans denim fabric used in reverse and regular, as well as creating a
unique insole design. I designed horizontal stripes because I was enjoying the resurgence of conservative patterns as of late ie polka-dots.
The bottom of shoe is bright neon yellow. Overall I’m very satisfied with the final product. Expect these to drop very soon at the EM CO-OP and
other fine retailers.