What to Do About Small or Uneven Teeth

Uneven Teeth

If you have small front teeth either due to wear or because of genetics, it may give you a gummy smile.  This can make you feel embarrassed and impact your social and even your work life. An attractive smile makes most people more self confident.  Consulting with a dentist will usually find a way to overcome this or other dental problems.

  • A gummy smile due to small teeth can usually be fixed quite easily with composite resin bonding. This is when a natural looking material is applied directly to the teeth to create the required shape and replace the worn part.  It can make worn teeth look longer so that the smile is more natural.
  • Sometimes the teeth are worn at the sides rather than along the top, making them look somewhat pointed. This too, is not an acceptable look and people affected tend to hide their teeth by not smiling or talking as much as they could. Composite resin bonding is also suitable for this problem.

  • Uneven teeth can also be changed by this treatment. There is a benefit not just in aesthetics, but in biting and chewing food. Crooked teeth don’t work the way they should because they are not in the right place. They may wear more quickly and break off more easily. Having them fixed will help to alleviate these problems.
  • Gaps between the front teeth can also be filled in using this method. Some people’s front teeth are small and don’t grow closely together, leaving a gap that looks somewhat unsightly. Composite resin bonding can be added to the teeth to make them larger, thus closing the gap and ensuring an attractive smile.

How it’s done

Composite resin bonding is a relatively quick procedure that can be done in just one dental visit.  The tooth is etched and a chemical bonding solution used so the resin will stick firmly to the tooth or teeth. A light is used to cure the chemical solution, making it very strong.

Not every person is a suitable candidate for this type of treatment. Your dentist will advise you on what kind of procedure will best suit your problem. The most suitable candidates have good dental health and hygiene. If your teeth are not strong and without decay the dentist may suggest another kind of treatment.


The advantages of this type of treatment is that the natural teeth are not compromised in any way. They don’t have to be ground back to allow room for the resin as happens with veneers or other treatments.  It is simply an additional material that is shaped like the tooth you want, to solve the problem. Plus, it is done quickly, which means it is an affordable option.