Benefits of taking a BodyCombat Group Exercise Class

BodyCombat Group Exercise

No matter which form of exercise you take part in – be it a solo activity or a group fitness session, you will find there is a range of benefits. However, there is now a group fitness class available that may have all the advantages you’ve been looking for – above and beyond what regular fitness classes and solo sessions can offer. Find out below how BodyCombat could be the best team fitness option for you.

Burn Calories

One chocolate muffin can have over 430 calories in it. To burn off that same number of calories, you may need to go for a four-hour stroll. No one has time to exercise for half the working day, which makes it essential to find group fitness classes and exercise options that help you to burn as many calories as possible. BodyCombat is one such option. Offering high-energy martial arts-style workouts, you can burn as much as 740 calories in a 30, 45, or 55-minute session.

Get Fit

If you work up a sweat just walking up the front steps to your house, then it’s clear to see your fitness has fallen by the wayside. BodyCombat can most certainly help you to get that back. These classes are challenging in their intensity levels, while helping you to work on your legs, arms, shoulders, back, and core. You develop empowerment, speed, coordination, and agility, which all equate to an incredible level of fitness.

Make New Friends

One of the many fun side effects of exercise is that you can make new friends. It’s less likely if you choose to exercise alone, but if you join BodyCombat or another similar group fitness activity, it’s a real possibility. You get to join others on a journey not unlike your own, sharing laughs and banter along the way.

Be Accountable

Most importantly, a group fitness class such as BodyCombat makes you accountable for your success. You know the class takes place at a particular time on a specific day, and it’s up to you to attend or tune in from home during the virtual workouts. What’s more, when you don’t turn up, you can often feel a sense of guilt – as if you let the trainer and your newfound friends down.

BodyCombat is an effective, fast-paced and high-intensity workout session that can transform your life. You can feel fitter, healthier, stronger, and even more social than you ever have before! The best part is, you can join in on a group fitness class or do it from the comfort of your home. There’s no time like the present to find out more about BodyCombat.