How to Help Your Friends Be Healthier

Reduce Stress

It’s official! Studies in Berlin, Germany have proven that having fun reduces stress levels. Of course, most people with common sense will already have realised that they feel heaps better and more relaxed after having fun with friends or family. One way to do this is photo booths at your next party or at a wedding reception. Playing around with the props and taking funny photos of themselves is something that most people enjoy doing.

If they have the means to do it through your event, you can feel good knowing that you’ve helped them to reduce their stress levels and become just that bit healthier.  If they’ve laughed a lot while doing it, so much the better because laughter is another thing that helps you to feel good and relax both physically and mentally.

Laughing releases many different kinds of chemicals in your body that –

Naturally enough, this leads to better health. These effects can still be detected in the body even a full day after the fun event. While this is great to know, it also proves that it’s important to have fun and laughter in your life every day if at all possible. Even having a positive mindset goes a long way to keeping you healthier.

If you are organising a party or a wedding you will have realised that it can be stressful, especially if it’s your own wedding. You not only have to make many decisions, you are also nervous about taking part in the event in case you do or say something wrong.

It’s wise to remember that loved ones don’t expect you to be perfect. In fact, they’d most likely hope you are not, because they know that they are not perfect either and if you were, they would feel inferior. It’s ok to be nervous and to make mistakes, so long as you don’t let it ruin your day or your life. No one can live up to a perfect standard and you’ll have a lot more friends if you realise neither you nor they are ever going to be perfect.

Just acknowledging this to yourself will help you to feel free of that tension and nervousness that often ruins social occasions, especially if you’re a little shy. If you make a mistake, simply apologise and shrug it off. Your good friends will forgive you and anyone else’s opinion simply doesn’t matter.

You’ll be a lot healthier and have more friends if you think about them rather than yourself and help them to be happier and have fun with you.