Drug Rehab Options

Drug Rehab

Often, people get on drugs with the intention of just trying them out, but before they know it they are addicted and their life becomes a chaotic mess. If you are thinking of going to drug rehab, there are a few different options that you can try, depending on your circumstances. It’s important to choose one that will give you the best chance of beating those drugs.

Here are a few drug rehab options.

Day clinics: this is where you go for treatment during the day, but return home for the night. These are the cheapest options because there are no accommodation costs. However, because you return home each night, it is not necessarily the best option, especially if there are other drug users living there.  Being at home can put you at risk of losing the struggle, especially when it gets to the hard stage.

Free clinics: There are some free drug rehab clinics in most state. However the waiting list is usually long so you can’t get in when you want to. And being state funded usually means they don’t have the same modern programmes for rehab. However, they are better than nothing.

Residential Clinics: Clinics that offer accommodation cost more, but are a better option for rehabilitation because you are right away from your old life where you can easily be tempted to take more drugs. Because you spend the nights at the clinic, there is less chance for you to give up during those difficult night hours when things seem at their worst. In addition, there is usually nursing staff available during the night to take care of you if you need it.

Overseas clinics: Most of these clinics are residential but they can be a cheaper option than others, simply because places such as Bali do have cheaper food and cheaper accommodation. They offer privacy and a place to relax while you are being taken care of. Many offer counselling along with holistic – whole body – treatment so your stay is very pleasant while your problems are being sorted out.

Many people choose the overseas option because they have a high recovery rate and while you are there it is almost like having a holiday. If your family comes for counselling, they also enjoy being in Bali or whichever overseas clinic you go to. Many such clinics offer additional activities than can be done once you feel well enough. Yoga, horse-riding, swimming and surfing are just some.

They also offer an after-care programme that allows you to live outside of the clinic while still having support. In this way recovering addicts learn to make their own decisions once again as well as learning the living skills they may have forgotten about.