Online Marketing Strategies For Insurance Agencies

5 Essential Online Marketing Strategies For Insurance Agencies

By its very nature, the insurance sector is one of the most competitive in the business world. We can only assume that it is because insurance plays a role in just about every area of our lives.

You have insurance for your life, your home, your mortgage, your health, your car, your travel, and we must not forget that we can also insure your pets. No doubt you can think of several more, especially if you own or manage an insurance agency.

Given that there are so many reasons to take out insurance, it also follows that insurance can be very profitable for those who sell it. That is why it is such a competitive marketplace and the ability to attract new clients very much reliant on the marketing which an agency does.

While there are lots of offline marketing campaigns that can bring new customers to it, we are going to focus on five of the main online marketing strategies such as great web design or SEO that an insurance agency can employ to drive traffic to their website, and in turn, create new business.


Now that you have newly designed website up and running, the next step is to make sure there are visitors to that website. There are many ways that can be achieved, but one which underpins them all will be SEO.

SEO, carried out by a professional SEO agency, is the means by which we get your website ranking highly on the search engines whenever someone types in a search term related to your insurance agency.

For example, let us say you wish to attract clients from all over Perth. and that you offer several types of insurance. Any SEO campaign would seek to rank your website pages for terms related to those types of insurance, and for those searching within Perth.

Examples of keywords might be ‘home insurance broker Perth’, ‘life insurance agency Perth’, ‘car insurance agent Perth’. Given that we have just three examples there, but in reality, there are literally hundreds of keywords which you could optimise for, you’ll soon understand why SEO takes a lot of planning and research.

It also requires a high level of expertise as there are multiple factors that need to be optimised in order for the pages within the website to rank well, and these include factors both on the site, and off-site.