Going On Holidays

Things You Need To Learn Before Going On Holidays

The experts at Ottawa Valley Travel tell us it is easy these days to just step on an airplane and within a few hours of travel find yourself in a whole different country and culture.  In many countries, English is not the usual language and if spoken it is often with an accent that is difficult to understand. The laws are also quite different from many English speaking countries and so is the clothing and the food. That’s what makes it so fascinating to visit such a country.  We can learn from people of other nationalities if we open ourselves to doing so.

However, rather than going off unprepared, it is wise to take some time to learn a few things before you go.  Here are some tips to get the most out of your overseas holidays.

  • Learn a few phrases of the language so you can at least say yes please and no thank you.
  • Find out what the climate is likely to be for the time you will be there so you can pack appropriately. Also check the weather just before leaving. You don’t want to head into a tornado or hurricane.
  • Learn about the most common laws and don’t break them, particularly those about drugs – even those that are normal to us, such as painkillers – and drunkenness.
  • Learn about their dress code and respect it. Many countries require a woman to have her knees covered in a temple.
  • Find out what will be available at your accommodation so you don’t have to take it. Soap, shampoo and towels may be provided. Bali Villas has a range of accommodation to fill your needs.