Determining If You Are Eligible For Dental Implants

Whilst there are many dental procedures that just about anyone can have safely, there are also some, including dental implants, that consideration of a person’s eligibility has to take into account other factors than simply whether they would benefit from the treatment. These usually relate to their physical health and some lifestyle choices, and it may be the case that these mean the person is not eligible for them.

If we focus on dental implants there are 5 major factors where, if they apply to the patient in question, their dental consultant will advise them that it will not be recommended, mainly on health grounds, for them to have the treatment. Some are specific to the physical process with respect to fitting the implants, and others are with regards to the person’s overall wellbeing. Let us look at these 5 eligibility issues in some detail.


Ok, we are not going to bang the drum about you stopping smoking for your health, however, the fact remains that smoking can compromise your eligibility for dental implants. Specifically, cigarette smoke blocks saliva glands, and with saliva playing a huge role in killing bacteria in your mouth, if there is less of it, the risk of infection increases.