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Internet no Longer a Last Resort for Young Singles

Internet Dating Sites

Traditionally thought of as a last resort for lonely hearts, Internet dating sites are reporting co-eds and frat brothers are also joining the ranks of online daters.

According to a March 2006 report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 18 percent of 18- to 29-year-old Internet users have visited an online dating site and 31 percent of American adults know someone who has used a dating website.

Gail Laguna, a spokeswoman for, a dating site with 500,000 members, said young people use the Internet to search for love because they feel comfortable in this kind of interaction.

“It’s a demographic that has grown up going online to communicate with friends . . . and so [they] are more likely to adopt to using an online dating service,” Laguna said.

She said most of’s members are not looking for long-term love when they join the site. Instead, she said, they are just trying to meet new people.

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8 Easy Ways to Live Sustainably

Live Sustainably

If everyone followed at least a few sustainable lifestyle tips the world would be a better place.  Many people have good intentions, but find it too hard to change their lifestyle. However, by making just one change per month, you easily get into a new habit and before you know it, are doing many things that will make a big difference to the earth’s resources – and often to your own costs as well.

By starting small you won’t feel overwhelmed. Here are 8 easy steps towards sustainability.

  • Create an urban eco-pack to use when buying take-aways. It should contain a re-usable food container, eating utensils and a mug. This will enable you to refuse plastics, especially those that are disposable after only one use.
  • Never wash dishes under running water; it is very wasteful. Instead, use a soft rubber scraper to remove food waste, then wash filling the sink only to half or a third full. If you have a large sink, you can save water by washing up in a container that fits into the sink but is smaller. This works well especially for smaller wash-ups. If you use a bio friendly detergent you’ll be able to water pot plants or some of the garden with that water, afterwards.

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